DevToolsDigest: Dec 16th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from JFrog, Quastor Daily, Cockroach Labs, Sysdig, and more. This is the last digest for 2021, see you again in 2022!

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The Week in Developer Tools
Since December 9th, the vulnerability has been reported to be massively exploited in the wild, due to the fact that it is trivially exploitable (weaponized PoCs are available publicly) and extremely popular, and got a wide coverage on media and social networks.
FOSS as a system has certain fundamental freedoms at its core. These freedoms are codified for practical (and legal) purposes as FOSS licenses that ensure the same fundamental freedoms albeit in slightly different ways. 
Industry Research
Steven Chuang, Qinyu Yue, Aaravind Rao and Srihari Duddukuru are engineers at LinkedIn. They published an interesting blog post on transitioning LinkedIn’s analytics stack from proprietary platforms to open source big data technologies.
Developer Venture News
That’s a lot of capital, and it’s probably because the database market is growing in leaps and bounds. Company co-founder and CEO Spencer Kimball says that there has been a ton of follow-on interest in investing in the company since the January round, and that’s how this one came together so quickly after the last one.
Sysdig provides cloud and container security for enterprises and their DevOps teams. The space has continued to see unrivaled interest as more companies move to cloud, along with adopting container strategies to build out applications—with open-source platform Kubernetes becoming the dominant way to deploy and manage those containers.
From the Heavybit Community
Rewatch the Talks from DevGuild: Developer-First Go-To-Market
DevGuild: Developer-First Go-To-Market is a wrap! If you missed any sessions or just feel the urge to watch them again, you can access the recordings on Hopin for another day. 
Memgraph is an in-memory graph database that seeks to fill this need in a real-time fashion. It’s a performance driven solution that offers developers a mature option for managing and utilizing graph data. In this interview, they discuss implementation and adoption details of Memgraph as well as the ways machine learning engineers use it for feature engineering in real time.