DevToolsDigest: August 3rd, 2023
This week's digest includes news and resources from Supabase, IT Revolution, New Relic, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Launch Week is a key part of a Product-Led Growth strategy that has enabled Supabase to increase the number of databases they manage 47% month-on-month for the last 18 months. They often get asked about how they're able to ship so relentlessly.
Web improvement is constantly developing, driven by progressions in innovation and the changing necessities of clients. Web developers currently use different innovations like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and structures like Respond, Rakish, or Vue.js to fabricate dynamic and responsive sites.
Industry Research
There is still a huge amount of friction between the dynamic nature of DevOps engineering and the necessities of software governance. This article explores the emerging concept of Governance Engineering, where compliance and innovation coexist harmoniously, where governance and engineering are synthesized instead of siloed. 
Being below the benchmark isn’t always a bad thing, as there are so many factors that inform it. Being well above it also doesn’t necessarily correspond to success. What’s important is that you’re getting conversion that validates your product market fit, and that you ultimately need to reach your ARR goals.
Developer Venture News
Francisco Partners and TPG announced plans to take software observability company New Relic private for $6.5 billion. This is one of the year's largest private equity deals.
From Heavybit
One of the many trends among high-growth companies in the last five years has been the emergence of an entirely new role, or engineering skill set: Product engineering. In this article, PostHog's Product Marketing Lead explores what product engineering is, how it differs from other disciplines, why it's so valuable to high-growth start-ups, and what tools and techniques are typically used by product engineers.
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