DevToolsDigest: August 10th, 2023
This week's digest includes news and resources from Jeli, Sentry, Slack, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Accuracy of responses for LLMs are not and likely never will be 100%. If you are using AI in your organization for incident response and it is right 95% of the time, you'll likely begin to trust it. What’s the impact of the 5% of the time it’s wrong?
It’s the first ranking to incorporate a full year of the market contraction’s impact on companies that, until 18 months ago, were growing at breakneck speed in both revenue and headcount. A countervailing force has emerged in AI with an early promise of business booms for companies that capitalize.
Open Source, while we may sometimes throw it around casually, has a lot of historical and emotional context attached to it. Those who are deeply involved with maintaining the values of that ecosystem, will tell you that the license Sentry uses is not classifiable as Open Source.
Industry Research
The goal of open source, of cloud, of open APIs, of great documentation, etc., is to enable developers to build with less friction and more opportunity. Is Llama 2 open enough for 99.999% of the developer population to use it with unfettered access? Yes. Is it “open source”?
Back in the ancient days, the tech world was predominantly closed source. For most users, when they visited a website, the entire stack was end-to-end closed. That took a long time to change, but now the core computing experience—browsing the web—is predominantly based on open source.
Slack has developed effective ways to respond, mitigate, and learn from Incident Management and Response processes and fostering Service Ownership. One of the key components of both the Incident Management program and the Service Ownership program is the Service Delivery Index.
From the Heavybit Library
How do you decide what to build next, and where it lands in your OSS offering? Learn from our panel of experts at HashiCorp, PostHog, and CodeSee on how to connect OSS community activity to your commercial products and services. 
In this panel, our experts from RedMonk, CNCF, and Memgraph dig into the current state of open source licensing and what is and is not open source, what the current trends around BSL mean for the future of open source communities and companies alike.