DevToolsDigest: Aug 26th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from CNCF, Retool, TechCrunch, Moesif, Grafana Labs, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
The OpenTelemetry project was created through the merger of the OpenCensus and OpenTracing projects in May 2019 and became a CNCF Sandbox project shortly thereafter. Since then, the OpenTelemetry team has built out APIs and SDKs in 11 languages and added full support for metrics and tracing in the OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP).
Retool for Startups is a program designed to help companies build critical internal tools. Early-stage startups are eligible for 12 months of free Retool credits and $160K in partner deals from AWS, MongoDB, HubSpot, Segment, DigitalOcean, Brex, and more.
Industry Research
It's hard to imagine enterprise software over the last decade without open-source software and the companies that brought those ideas to life. It's also getting harder to see how pure open-source software companies will play the same role over the next decade of enterprise software.
React Hooks came into production with React v16.8 and it has completely changed the way we were thinking and using React. React Hooks enables us to build components using the functional approach instead of an object-oriented (classes) approach. 
Developer Venture News
As more companies provide more API-first services, Moesif has developed a way for those companies to learn how their customers are utilizing them. Moesif provides self-service analytics that can be accessed daily and features to scale analytics in a more cost-effective manner.
The business works with customers to help visualize their data in dashboards that allow for better monitoring. The pandemic has accelerated Grafana’s growth, as companies have become more dependent on their technology being in top shape as employees work from home.
From the Heavybit Library
In Part 2 of the Predictable Pipeline series, veteran revenue operations and marketing/sales consultant Doug Johnson walks us through metrics to track and be mindful of, and the tools in his recommended sales stack.