DevToolsDigest: Aug 19th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Slack, Apollo GraphQL, Smashing Magazine, OpenView, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
SQL is a great way to build apps. Especially small local web apps. Key/value stores may have their place in large distributed systems, but wow wouldn’t it be great if we could use SQLite on the web? absurd-sql is a filesystem backend for sql.js that allows SQLite to read/write from IndexedDB in small blocks, just like it would a disk.
How do you build a collaborative web app in 2021? A collaborative web app, as in apps with desktop-like interactions and realtime collaborations, like Notion, Discord, Figma, etc. One that's suitable for small teams, simple but not necessarily easy, fast by default, and scalable when it grows?
Industry Research
After almost five years in development, the new HTTP/3 protocol is nearing its final form. Earlier iterations were already available as an experimental feature, but you can expect the availability and use of HTTP/3 proper to ramp up over in 2021.
If APIs are designed well, developers will love them, and can become the most creative innovators using your APIs. In this post, Slack describes their API design principles, as well as their process for how new APIs are specced, reviewed, and tested. By the end, you should have some ideas that you can take back to your own API process.
Developer Venture News
Leveraging the explosive GraphQL movement, Apollo is pioneering the Graph as an essential new layer in the tech stack that serves as a unified representation of an organization’s services, data, and digital capabilities. The desire for the Graph is evident in Apollo’s rapid growth, with over 30% of Fortune 500 companies already using Apollo.
SaaS companies have shown to be far less risky than many initially thought. The COVID-19 pandemic proved the durability of SaaS despite economic shutdowns and a global recession. And uncertainty has decreased as folks have become more comfortable with the buying market and SaaS economic models.
From the Heavybit Library
In this special fireside chat, John Kodumal, Co-founder and CTO at LaunchDarkly, and Jesper Joergensen, VP Platform at Twilio, explore the realities of today’s complex software systems and the teams behind them, while sharing their own approaches to building resilient and sustainable engineering cultures.
Michal Habdank-Kolaczkowski is Founder of Rally Call, where he supports early-stage companies message and position their products and services, build brand narratives, and tell their stories. In this post, Michal shares his tips along a founder’s get-to-market roadmap, from fundraising to branding to media relations.