DevToolsDigest: April 7th, 2022
This week's digest includes news and resources from Fig, Dagger, a16z, Grafana Labs, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Beautiful, community-driven documentation for 300+ CLI tools. Fig is a CLI tool and desktop app that adds apps like autocomplete to your terminal. All of Fig's autocomplete specs are fully open source.
The creators of Docker recently introduced their new project, Dagger. Dagger is a portable devkit for CI/CD pipelines. It allows devops engineers to build powerful CI/CD pipelines quickly, then run them anywhere. Benefits include: unifying dev and CI environments; testing and debugging pipelines locally; and avoiding CI lock-in.
Industry Research
The growth of the data infrastructure industry has continued unabated since the first version of this post was published in late 2020. Nearly all key industry metrics hit record highs during the past year, and new product categories appeared faster than most data teams could reasonably keep track. 
It’s widely understood that not getting to market quickly enough is a recipe for disaster. When startups race with a single marketing tactic for weeks on end, time is monopolized and often wasted. A far better approach for early-stage companies is to run go-to-market sprints, not marathons.
Developer Venture News
Grafana Labs, the company behind the popular Grafana visualization tools (and a contributor to other open source projects like the Prometheus monitoring system), announced that it has raised a $240 million Series D round. The company says there are now over 900,000 active Grafana installations with 10 million global users.
From Heavybit
Thu Apr 21: Mapping the Startup Ecosystem Fireside with Elle Morrill & Andy Sparks
Every field or industry has a “cast of characters.” Hollywood has actors, directors, producers, and writers. Book publishing has authors, editors, and publishers. What are the most common roles someone is likely to run into in the world of technology?