DevToolsDigest: April 29th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from The New Stack, First Round, Sysdig, Stripe, and more.

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Heavybit Updates
Announcing DevGuild: Software-Defined Movements
Save the date: May 25-27, we're hosting our first digital DevGuild on our new community platform! Through a combination of live sessions and virtual tracks, we’ll guide you through what it means to start a software revolution and how to wield that power for good and profit. Be one of the first to get a look and claim your access to the platform. 
We’re excited to announce our newest member company, Crunchy Data– a company that enables organizations to deploy and manage PostgreSQL throughout their enterprise, improving developer productivity and eliminating expensive proprietary software costs.
In this Speaker Series, Stephen Boak, Datadog’s VP Product Design outlines his approach to product discovery, from early exploration and interviews to developing long-term partnerships, and how to scale up these strategies as you grow and expand your product offerings.
The Week in Developer Tools
Netlify recently announced a new concept it calls “Distributed Persistent Rendering.” It’s basically a way to hold back the build for pages that don’t require a fast deploy. So you just pre-build the subset of pages you know will change often; all other pages are rendered on the fly when first requested and thereafter persisted on the CDN.
Swift specialist, MongoDB maven, or PHP paragon? Whatever your tech, if you can create compelling content for developers then there are companies who want to pay you for it. Apply to join a pool of verified content creators ready for when the X with Y marketplace launches.
Industry Research
In this episode of In Depth, Kate Taylor shares a wealth of advice for building out product-led growth and self-serve motions. She shares tons of nuances around going up market, competing with sales and product planning, offering up tactical advice that any founder, product or go-to-market leader can learn from.
Developer Venture News
Sysdig, a container, Kubernetes, and cloud security company, announced it has closed a $189 million series F round at a $1.19 billion valuation. The funding brings the company’s total raised to $395 million and will be used to grow its R&D teams, as well as sales and marketing.
Stripe, the privately-held payments company now valued at $95 billion, has made an acquisition to expand the range of tools (and services) that it provides to online businesses. It has acquired TaxJar, a popular provider of a cloud-based suite of tax services, which can be used to automatically calculate, report and file sales taxes.