DevToolsDigest: April 1st, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Sanity, Cloudera, Mattermost, Memfault, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
The reason the real-time database is so important to Sanity is due to their structured content foundation. Most platforms in the space treat content as a soup of information that is limited and defined by the format it was authored in. Sanity spearheaded a new approach to content and turned the old model on its head.
This is a big deal because it positions Cloudera as a truly platform-agnostic data platform, one that could help it capture a bigger piece of the burgeoning multicloud market. While similar services from cloud rivals such as Microsoft and Google do offer some support for competing public (and private) clouds, they were ultimately designed for their respective owner’s cloud.
Take your web app from design to development with this free course by Colby Fayock. In 3.5 hours, you’ll learn how to create a new design in Figma, start a new React app from scratch, automate running tests with GitHub Actions, and use Netlify to easily get your app to the world.
Industry Research
Ian Tien, the co-founder of Mattermost, often gets asked by early stage companies about what it’s like to build a commercial open source business. In this post, he shares a part of his conversation with a startup, on the challenges of finding a market for developer tools, the role of open source in Mattermost's business strategy, and more.
Contributing to open-source projects is a great way to improve your programming skills and contribute to the community. Also, it's important to note that contributing to open-source projects is not all about coding. You can contribute in other ways.
Developer Venture News
The 3-year-old company is attempting to provide hardware developers with a new infrastructure to give them access to the same tools software developers have enjoyed for years. Memfault’s cloud-based platform currently allows for connected device monitoring, updating and debugging, but will eventually evolve into having even more development and testing features as it grows.
From The Heavybit Library
In last week's digest, we featured industry research: the cloud edition. What’s all the buzz about? If you’ve already checked out the posts linked in last week's DevToolsDigest, we rounded up some helpful resources from the Heavybit Library for further reading. 
In episode 75 of JAMstack Radio, Brian Douglas chats with Johan Eliasson of Nhost. They discuss their favorite JAMstack tools, the inception of Nhost and its use cases, and other innovations in back end services.