DevToolsDigest: April 15th, 2021
This week's digest includes news and resources from Cloudflare, HashiCorp, Atrium, 1Password, and more.

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The Week in Developer Tools
Like they've done in previous Innovation Weeks, Cloudflare will be making many (about 20) announcements of products and features to make developers’ lives easier. And by easy, they mean removing the obstacles that stop you, dear developer, from writing code and deploying it so it scales to Internet size.
The Terraform 0.15 release marks the beginning of the pre-release period leading up to Terraform 1.0. Terraform 0.15 includes a number of improvements that solidify Terraform workflows and ensure the stability of Terraform’s feature set for the long term.
Industry Research
Anthony runs a one-man SaaS, or "a low-stress, one-person company" that he runs from his flat in Germany. It's fully self-funded, and he likes to take things slow. In this post, he breaks down the setup he uses, from load balancing to cron job monitoring to payments and subscriptions.
Because devs already have so much on their plate, the choice they have to make is either “stop working and learn about this new topic enough to be able to fix whatever issue came up” and “continue working on the thing I do know” and guess what, they’re gonna continue working.
"We’re an industry obsessed with automation, with streamlining, with efficiency. I often have people newer to the tech industry ask me for secrets to success. There aren’t many, really, but this secret — being willing to do something so terrifically tedious that it appears to be magic — works in tech too."
Developer Venture News
Atrium, a five-year-old, San Francisco-based company co-founded by serial entrepreneur Pete Kazanjy, empowers sales managers to improve their team’s performance. How? By offering continuous monitoring of dozens of key performance indicators like bookings, and average selling prices.
Password-management platform 1Password is expanding into the “secrets management” space, helping developer teams across the enterprise safeguard private credentials, such as API tokens, keys, certificates, passwords, and anything used to protect access to companies’ internal applications and infrastructure.
From The Heavybit Library
Revitalizing Your Developer Content Playbook w/ GitHub’s Brian Douglas
Are you pouring meaningful time and resources into technical content that goes unused or unnoticed? In a recent session with Heavybit members, GitHub Staff Developer Advocate and JAMstack Radio host Brian Douglas shared how he’s leveraged new platforms and new formats to help GitHub reach larger and more diverse developer audiences.